Tropicalia Articles for Red Hot + Rio 2

On June 28th the Red Hot Organization, a charity devoted to the prevention of HIV/AIDS, will release Red Hot + Rio 2, a compilation of Brazilian songs from the 60s and 70s, particularly those from the tropicália period, that will be covered by artists including Beck, Caetano Veloso, Dirty Projectors, Seu Jorge, Beirut and Aloe Blacc. Continue reading Tropicalia Articles for Red Hot + Rio 2

New compilation of music from Sao Paulo

Over the past month I had been working on a new compilation for Sounds and Colours. Entitled <em>Nossa, Cara! New Sounds of Sao Paulo</em> it’s a collection of music from many of the artists currently residing in the city, with an emphasis on the new, only using songs released over the last year or so, with the majority only being released in 2011 or still awaiting release.

You can listen to the compilation and download it for free here.

Artists featured on the compilation are Jucara Marcal e Kiko Dinucci, Karina Buhr, Lulina, Guizado, M. Takara 3, Chankas, Tulipa, Juliana R, Bruno Morais, R. Brandao, Bodes e Elefantes, Iará Renno, Barbara Eugenia, Rafael Castro, Psilosamples and Metá-Metá.

Slacker Like Myself: An Interview with Prefab Sprout

Their is simply something very special about Paddy McAloon and the work he makes as Prefab Sprout. I think it’s the passion for songwriting that shines through everything he writes. In the autumn of 2010 I got the chance to interview Paddy, though I would have to do this by email, which would then be printed off and passed onto him. He responded by typing up his answers and then faxing it through to PopMatters who then scanned it in and emailed it to me. For some reason this process makes me feel very strongly about this interview. Continue reading Slacker Like Myself: An Interview with Prefab Sprout

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