From The Roots Up – The World of Alfredo Bello

I recently had an article published in fRoots on Alfredo Bello, a very interesting musician/producer/ethnomusicologist from Sao Paulo. Here’s how the article starts:

Alfredo Bello is looking like a Cuban showman. He is wearing thin cotton shirt and trousers that seem to dance whenever he moves. He greets like a Brazilian though, a kiss on the cheek and a good bear hug. He ushers me into his house in the relatively quiet São Paulo neighbourhood of Vila Mariana. We swing through his living room, lined with row after row of vinyl on the shelves, tables and floors, move through the kitchen and down the yard until we reach a room at the back of his house.

If you want to read the rest you’ll have to buy fRoots, which can be done at their website here.

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