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  1. Hi Russ, my name is Gaston and I’ve just finished reading your article about Family Atlantica en Songlines magazine. I noticed that you have mentioned Brixton and here is where I live. The reason why I contact you is cause I’ve been working in a tango and reggae album for the past four years recording all around London and Buenos Aires. It’s almost ready for independent release. I was wondering if you’ll be interested in having a listen in order to write something about it. It has a good story behind. You can find something (tough not the music) in facebook, the name is tongas & mates.

  2. Hello Russ,
    I am doing some research, searching for who is today’s favorite historical Argentine female singer. I saw articles by you online and thought I would get your opinion.
    We are looking for which living female Argentine vocalist would be the most celebrated, and would have the best national reputation / recognition.
    What is your opinion on this?

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