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New compilation of music from Sao Paulo

Over the past month I had been working on a new compilation for Sounds and Colours. Entitled <em>Nossa, Cara! New Sounds of Sao Paulo</em> it’s a collection of music from many of the artists currently residing in the city, with an emphasis on the new, only using songs released over the last year or so, with the majority only being released in 2011 or still awaiting release.

You can listen to the compilation and download it for free here.

Artists featured on the compilation are Jucara Marcal e Kiko Dinucci, Karina Buhr, Lulina, Guizado, M. Takara 3, Chankas, Tulipa, Juliana R, Bruno Morais, R. Brandao, Bodes e Elefantes, Iará Renno, Barbara Eugenia, Rafael Castro, Psilosamples and Metá-Metá.

Three We Loved Last Month: Karina Buhr

This short live review was written for Time Out Sao Paulo (March 2011) but was not published.

Three we loved last month: Karina Buhr
SESC Belenzinho
Feb 11, 2010

Dressed in a gold-sequinned catsuit, Karina Buhr proved at SESC Belenzinho why her debut album (Eu Mentí Pra Você) was voted so highly in many of 2010’s Best of the Year polls. She did that, and surpassed it. Whether she was sabotaging her guitarist’s solo by writhing on the floor in front of him, throwing herself into the audience or proving that you don’t have to be in your teens to bump ‘n’ grind like the best of them, it was hard to take your eyes off her. Which is almost a shame as she has put together one of the hottest bands in Brazil. Whether attempting punk in “Soldat,” electro in “Cirando do Incentivo” or cool jazz with “Eu Mentí pra Você” this is a band that know, both musically and theatrically, how to put on a great show.