New compilation of music from Sao Paulo

Over the past month I had been working on a new compilation for Sounds and Colours. Entitled <em>Nossa, Cara! New Sounds of Sao Paulo</em> it’s a collection of music from many of the artists currently residing in the city, with an emphasis on the new, only using songs released over the last year or so, with the majority only being released in 2011 or still awaiting release.

You can listen to the compilation and download it for free here.

Artists featured on the compilation are Jucara Marcal e Kiko Dinucci, Karina Buhr, Lulina, Guizado, M. Takara 3, Chankas, Tulipa, Juliana R, Bruno Morais, R. Brandao, Bodes e Elefantes, Iará Renno, Barbara Eugenia, Rafael Castro, Psilosamples and Metá-Metá.

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