A Glut of Articles on Lucas Santtana

First off, if you’ve not heard Sem Nostalgia yet by Lucas Santtana then you need to pull yourself together. Get a taster via this clip on Youtube. The album was released in Brazil in 2009 and finally made it’s way to the UK via Mais Um Discos on August 29th, the same record label that put out the superb Oi! A Nova Musica Brasileira! last year. Well, it turns out I got a bit excited about it’s release and wrote quite a few articles about the album as well as interviewing Lucas himself!First off was this interview for The Quietus, a very good online music magazine in London who also asked Lucas to compile a little mix for the piece.


Somehow that interview also managed to form another feature which was done for Sounds and Colours:


I have also done a couple of reviews, one for Sounds and Colours (soundsandcolours.com/reviews/music-reviews/lucas-santtana-sem-nostalgia/) and another, more excitingly, for Songlines, which presumably will be published sometime soon.

There’s also a track-by-track analysis of the album at JungleDrums (jungledrumsonline.com/reviews/music/jungleguide-lucas-santtanas-sem-nostalgia) and a tour through all of Lucas’ albums at Sounds and Colours (soundsandcolours.com/the-best/the-best-music/album-guide-lucas-santtana).

Now, you’d think after all that I’d be sick of the album. Strange thing is, I think I love it even more than before!

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