Preview: Tulipa & Tie

Preview of Tulipa & Tiê’s performance at CCBB in Sao Paulo, written for the April edition of Time Out Sao Paulo.

Preview: Tulipa & Tiê

CCBB’s Sai da Rede series has the aim of featuring artists whose success owes some debt to the power of the Internet to connect the artist with the public. Tulipa certainly fits into that category. She only started writing music in 2009 at the age of 30, and already her debut album, Efêmera, has been voted Best Brazilian Album of 2010 by Rolling Stone and has just recently been released in Europe. Obviously none of this would have been possible without the buzz that has surrounded her music ever since fans found her music on the web.

It’s easy to understand the charm of Tulipa’s music. She mixes MPB (Brazilian pop) influences with the enchantment of the great French pop chanteuses and lyrics about the minutiae of everyday life. Crucially she walks a different road to many of the other female singers in Brazil, largely eschewing the popular samba and bossa-nova rhythms, instead letting her voice and the subtle melodies of keyboard and guitar take center-stage.

For this concert she will be joined by Tiê, a naturally-gifted singer, pianist and violinist, who will be performing songs from her self-penned Sweet Jardim album of 2009.

This article may differ from the version published in Time Out Sao Paulo.

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