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Meridian Brothers Articles in The Wire and Pura Mestiza

I’ve been a huge fan of Meridian Brothers for many years so it was a great pleasure earlier this year to chat with Meridian mainman Eblis Álvarez about his latest album, ¿Dónde Estás María?, which is a continuation of the work he’s been doing, creating satirical, conceptual, very rhythmic work that equally draws from avant-garde ideas and Colombian mythology. In fact, on this latest effort he has stretched out even further to show an influence of pop, folk and guitar music from Peru and Brazil in his work. It’s a special record so give it a listen if you haven’t already. Here’s the link to the album on Soundway Records.

The result of our chat was a feature on Meridian Brothers in The Wire #403 and also an article that’s just been published online by Pura Mestiza, and that is available in English and Spanish.

I also asked Eblis to discuss some of the Brazilian records he has discovered on recent trips to Brazil (where he was touring with another band, Los Pirañas) and which you can check out on the Sounds and Colours website.

Check out the title track to the latest Meridian Brothers album below:

Ensamble Polifónico Vallenato / Sexteto La Constelación De Colombia – Fiesta, Que Viva La

146_fiesta-que-viva-la_7492I was hugely honoured earlier this year to be asked to write the liner notes for a new compilation being released by Staubgold and featuring the music of Ensamble Polifónico Vallenato and Sexteto La Constelación De Colombia, two bands that formed in Colombia in 1999/2000 and whose members later started amazing projects like Meridian Brothers, Frente Cumbiero, Ondatrópica, Romperayo, Los Pirañas and La Distritofonica.

In addition to the liner notes I wrote a press release, which can be read here:


New Reviews In The Quietus, Brighton Noise and Sounds and Colours

Quite a few articles that I am relatively proud of have gone down over the past two weeks and so I thought I would flag them up here.

Firstly, a review I wrote a while ago of Toma Tu Jabón Kapax, the debut album from Colombian group Los Pirañas was published in The Quietus. I originally sent it to them in February this year but they deemed it too old (it had been out in Colombia for around six months). When I realised it had been released on vinyl in Spain I saw my opportunity to send the review in again. Here it is: thequietus.com/articles/10773-los-pira-as-toma-tu-jab-n-kapax-review.

I also realised that I have a page on The Quietus which lists all my contributions (just three of them so far): thequietus.com/users/7862.

My review of the Micah P Hinson show at the Basement in Brighton has also been published: brightonnoise.co.uk/review?p=34317.

Finally I wanted to shed light on two of my recent pieces on Sounds and Colours, a review of the new Meridian Brothers album Desesperanza (soundsandcolours.com/articles/colombia/meridian-brothers-desesperanza) and an interview with the Brazilian rapper/singer Criolo which became quite epic (soundsandcolours.com/articles/brazil/art-soothes-the-soul-it-calms-us-gives-us-warmth-an-interview-with-criolo)