New Reviews In The Quietus, Brighton Noise and Sounds and Colours

Quite a few articles that I am relatively proud of have gone down over the past two weeks and so I thought I would flag them up here.

Firstly, a review I wrote a while ago of Toma Tu Jabón Kapax, the debut album from Colombian group Los Pirañas was published in The Quietus. I originally sent it to them in February this year but they deemed it too old (it had been out in Colombia for around six months). When I realised it had been released on vinyl in Spain I saw my opportunity to send the review in again. Here it is:

I also realised that I have a page on The Quietus which lists all my contributions (just three of them so far):

My review of the Micah P Hinson show at the Basement in Brighton has also been published:

Finally I wanted to shed light on two of my recent pieces on Sounds and Colours, a review of the new Meridian Brothers album Desesperanza ( and an interview with the Brazilian rapper/singer Criolo which became quite epic (

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