Sounds and Colours is 10 Years Old and We’re Raising Some Money…

10 years ago I started Sounds and Colours in my parent’s spare room. I can’t find the list of original names there was for the site – though I’m sure there was something along the lines of Banana Milk or Tropical Treason amongst them (so I think I made the right choice). I wasn’t sure of the plan at first, other than I needed to find a way of writing about a LOT of Latin American music that I was loving but that there was little information I could find out about, at least in English (here’s looking at Os Novos Baianos, Eduardo Mateo and Ney Matogrosso, to name a few off the top of my head). Then people started getting in touch and wanted to write for the blog too, and I realised there was a big community of like-minded souls in London, New York and spread out across the world, and it took off, at least as much as a niche-interest website can.

I feel very fortunate that it’s loved by so many people these days, and that I get to work with so many amazing collaborators, including all our writers and all the artists, musicians, record companies, PRs, events promoters, other media, etc., etc., that are part of this community we’ve found ourselves in.

We’re now in a position where it feels like we can really push Sounds and Colours to another level, to make it an even better resource for Latin culture (esp. as there is so much incredible content on the site, but which can be hard to find) and to get involved in different types of content (podcasts, short docs, big research projects, regular compilations, online film festivals, and we have many other ideas too!)

So to celebrate our 10th anniversary we’ve launched a fundraiser, with all money raised going towards making Sounds and Colours even bigger and better. As part of that campaign, you can buy our compilation of new Latin American music (have a listen:…/sounds-and-colours-…), pre-order a 10 Years anniversary book and also buy some amazing perks donated by Mr Bongo, Mais Um, And Other Stories, Songlines, Names You Can Trust, ZZK Records / Zizek Club, Peace & Rhythm, Discos Rolas, Movimientos and Soundway Records, as well as grab a few choice items from my record collection!

You can find out more about the campaign at…/sounds-and-colours-10…/x/627815…

Thanks for reading!

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