Ensamble Polifónico Vallenato / Sexteto La Constelación De Colombia – Fiesta, Que Viva La

146_fiesta-que-viva-la_7492I was hugely honoured earlier this year to be asked to write the liner notes for a new compilation being released by Staubgold and featuring the music of Ensamble Polifónico Vallenato and Sexteto La Constelación De Colombia, two bands that formed in Colombia in 1999/2000 and whose members later started amazing projects like Meridian Brothers, Frente Cumbiero, Ondatrópica, Romperayo, Los Pirañas and La Distritofonica.

In addition to the liner notes I wrote a press release, which can be read here:


Appearance on Monocle Radio

On 6th March 2014 I made a brief appearance on Monocle Radio, on their Midori House show, to promote the Sounds and Colours Brazil book. It was a slightly strange experience as I was only on-air for 10 minutes and the presenter chose to ask me some quite odd questions and didn’t pay any attention to my answers, which made it quite hard to answer as enthusiastically as I would normally.

You can listen to the show on which I appeared at monocle.com/radio/shows/midori-house/602

Article on Eduardo Mateo in The Music Exchange

Recently I was asked by the great people at The Music Exchange, the finest record shop in Nottingham, to write an article for a new newspaper/magazine they were putting together to celebrate Record Store Day this year.

After much deliberation I decided the time was right to finally write about Eduardo Mateo, a musical genius from Uruguay who deserves much more praise and who I had always struggled to write about (because I just love his music TOO much).

Well, The Music Exchange have now published their newspaper and it’s available from the shop in Nottingham at the moment and will be available from record shops all over the UK on Record Store Day. It’s a free newspaper so you really have no reason not to pick up a free copy.

Have a listen to Eduardo Mateo below and revel in the man’s greatness:

S&C Brazil on BBC Radio 6 Music

Cerys Matthews now has a copy of Sounds and Colours Brazil, the book about contemporary Brazilian music and culture that I published and edited last year. On her show, Cerys On 6, she said:

“You need to get [it] if you’re a music lover or going to the football.”

So what more do you need to know? You can get Sounds and Colours Brazil from soundsandcolours.com/02-brazil

If you’d like to hear what Cerys had to say about the book in full you should listen to the show from 02:18:10. The link is bbc.co.uk/programmes/b03zjdbx

Great Review of Sounds and Colours Brazil in God Is In The TV Zine

God Is In The TV Zine have just published a quite amazing review of the Sounds and Colours Brazil book. Here is just one of the tasty extracts (which describe the book in more interesting ways than I’ve ever managed!)

An all-encompassing purview, with occasional focus on fringe activities, burgeoning scenes and the progenitors of Brazilian culture, this bit-size guidebook plots a loose course back and forth across the country’s vast and varied terrain.

Read the full review at godisinthetvzine.co.uk/2014/01/20/books-brazil-sounds-and-colours

Kickstart Your Dreams

I recently did a radio show for Tropical Beats, chatting about South America as normal, and this is one of the results of that, a podcast for Kickstart Your Dreams which you can listen to on Soundcloud.

Huge thanks to Karl Hildebrandt and Jonathan Baillie Strong for making this happen.

Sounds and Colours Brazil is Here!

Things have been so busy over the past few weeks that I forgot to post here that Sounds and Colours Brazil, the Brazilian music and culture book and CD that I’ve been working on for most of 2013 has now been released. I will endeavour to talk more about it at another juncture, but for the moment I recommend simply heading over to the Sounds and Colours website and checking it out for yourself.

Here’s the page for the book: soundsandcolours.com/02-brazil

Tracy Shedd & Howe Gelb Cover Sonic Youth

It seems sometimes people read things. This I know because I just got sent an email from a PR company promoting the new record by Tracy Shedd (who I’ve never heard of by the way), a singer who has just covered Sonic Youth’s “Teenage Riot” with the help of Howe Gelb. They contacted me because I published an email Howe sent me a couple of months ago. So, as the track is pretty damn grand and I’m awash with excitement that my blog has been filed in the ‘G’ section of someone’s cabinet I figured I would post the track.

New Feature in Songlines Magazine

latest-issue-downSo, after trying to work out who the hell Family Atlantica are (the answer was a rather good band) for the October issue of Songlines, this month I can be found in Songlines once more, though this time talking a whole load of nonsense about new Latin American psychedelic music. Of course, if you happen to be interested in new Latin American psychedelic music you will soon discover that nonsense = gold (don’t get greedy though, there’s plenty to go around).

The people at Songlines can confirm that I ain’t lying to ya! – songlines.co.uk/world-music-news/2013/10/novdec-2013-issue-of-songlines-96-is-now-on-sale

Upcoming Talk at the Colombian Consulate in London

On October 1st (that’s tomorrow!) I’ll be doing a talk about Colombian music and culture at the Colombian Consulate in London, which has been arranged by The Anglo-Colombian Society. I’ll be talking a lot about music trends in Colombia, as well as a bit about modern art, comic books and film. If you’re in London and want to learn more about Colombia then you should come along!

Here are all the details: consuladocolombia.net/evento/the-anglo-colombian-society-russ-slater-colours-and-sounds-of-colombia