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A Comfortable Outsider: Interview with A Hawk and A Hacksaw

My interview with Jeremy Barnes of A Hawk and A Hacksaw has just been published by Drowned In Sound. Here’s how it starts:

Ever since I first saw Jeremy Barnes perform as A Hawk and A Hacksaw in Nottingham’s Bunker’s Hill Inn I have kept a close eye on this group of his. At that point it was just a solo project, involving one man with a drum kit and accordion, playing cymbals with the drumsticks that were attached to his head. It was clear that his music was moving in a different direction to his earlier work with Bablicon and Neutral Milk Hotel.

In 2004 he met Heather Trost and A Hawk and a Hacksaw become a two-piece, decamping to Budapest, Hungary, which seemed to complete the direction in sound Barnes had been taking; the influence of Eastern European music was now unredoubtable. It’s something they’ve explored considerably since, right up to Cervantine, released earlier this year.

You can read the article in full at Drowned In Sound.