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Sounds and Colours In Bogotá

I am currently in Bogotá (Colombia) promoting the book we made last year about Colombian music and culture. Titled, Sounds and Colours Colombia, it has been getting a great reception in Colombia, where the people seem thrilled simply by it’s presence.

Due to that fact, instead of a simple couple of weeks in Colombia as I was planning I’ve ended up staying for two months. It’s been a great excuse to improve my Spanish as well as promote the book. In that respect I’ve organised two events in Bogotá to celebrate the release of the book.

The first of these will be a discussion between myself and Humberto Junca (artist, member of Las Malas Amistades and UN Radio presenter) at Casa Tomada bookstore in Bogotá. This will be happening on Monday 25th February and should be a really interesting event for anyone wanting to find out more about Colombian music and culture, as well as meet some good people and maybe buy a book or two! Here are the details: https://www.facebook.com/events/146463438847930/.

After that we will be having a concert at La Puerta Grande, featuring Andrés Gualdrón y Los Animales Blancos and Aguasalá (who will be releasing their first album). That will be happening on Wednesday March 20th. I will post the Facebook Event once it’s ready.

So if you’re in Bogotá please drop in and say “hi”.