Vanguarda Paulista in The Wire

Very happy that my article on the vanguarda paulista is in this month’s edition of The Wire. The vanguarda paulista  was a movement of musicians, promoters and record labels that emerged at the tail end of the 1970s in São Paulo, and maintained some sense of a movement until the mid-80s. Despite the fact that all of the artists had very different sounds they were all interested in taking ‘popular’ Brazilian music into new places, and in the process, they formed the first major independent musical movements in Brazil.

For the piece I spoke to Arrigo Barnabé, Luiz Tatit (of Grupo Rumo), Luiz Chagas and Paulo Lepetit (of Itamar Assumpção’s band), Simone Sou (who also played with Itamar Assumpção), Paulo Barnabé (of Patife Band), Wilson Souto Jr and Riba de Castro. I had also hoped to speak with Wandi Doratiotto, Ná Ozzetti, Tetê Espíndola and Suzana Salles, but unfortunately they were all too busy at the time to get involved.

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