The birth of What Slater?

The time has finally arrived for What Slater? to take it’s first tentative steps into this world. Over the past two years I have written more and more and slowly improved my craft. Thankfully this has opened a few doors and led to my first articles published in print magazines, as well as simply, what I hope, is better quality in my writing.

At What Slater? I will be adding articles that I’ve written for other publications as well as adding a few notes, some things where there currently is no home but which maybe there should be. These will be little snatches of information or pictures or videos that simply don’t have anywhere else to go. Hopefully it will be a trip.

As I write this I can tell you that I currently spend most of my time working for Sounds and Colours and JungleDrums, as well as working on occasional articles for Time Out Sao Paulo, PopMatters and Latinoes. I am also currently working on articles for a couple of British magazines, which will hopefully result in my name being in print in my home country for the first time – I’ve currently only been published in Brazil.

There we go, all I have to do now is get some interesting things up on the site. I’m not sure why I’m still writing this as I’m pretty sure no-one’s even got this far, but I simply can’t stop. That is until now.

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