Fancy A Guided Cultural Tour of Colombia?

From 16th until 29th August this year I’ll be leading a musical tour of Colombia for Songlines Music Travel. This is a tour I led last year at last minute notice (and I mean last minute notice! I got asked on the Friday, got told the itinerary on Saturday and then flew from the UK on Sunday morning!). However, this time around I’ve had some input in the itinerary itself and we’ve got an amazing trip planned. As well as visiting Bogotá, Cartagena and Medellín, as we did last year, this time we’re also going to Festival Petronio Álvarez in Cali – the biggest Afro-Latin festival in the whole of Latin America and a great chance to see so many different Afro-Colombian styles of music – as well as Barranquilla where we will get a taste of carnival and see cumbia in its most folkloric form. It’s going to be a really special trip, and I’m very excited to be leading it.

For more information on the trip, including the itinerary go to the Master Travel website. If you’re interested in finding out more about Colombian music and culture then this is your ticket!

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