Circulart in Medellín

In November I was excited to be invited to be a part of Circulart, a music industry event that happens every year in Medellín. I have been reluctant to go to too many events like this in the past, especially when they happen in Europe. However, any invite to Latin America is hard to resist, especially when it means spending a few days in Medellín too!

As part of this event I took part in a panel offering insights into the British music industry (with a target audience of Latin American artists, agencies and labels), and which I’ve included a few snazzy photos from below.

Panel discussion on the British music industry at Circulart 2018

The rest of the time I spent exploring Medellín, checking out the showcases at Circulart (which featured some really nice acts, of which Michi Sarmiento was a big highlight) and also doing a few interviews for future articles (of which I will write about on the blog). Here’s Michi doing his thing:

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